So after months of hard work it feels good to say that we are up and running at full steam ahead. We are by no means at the finish line yet but we’ve accomplished a lot in a few months. We have our rental space set up and will collect our first check tomorrow and it should be a pretty nice one. We have our Facebook and Instagram running good. We have inventory built up, and I’m learning to blog and now spending more time with the website. I owe much to the founder of Junk Monkey Paint, Sonia Miller. I joined her online coaching group and it changed my life. Check her out at She is an amazing creative that knows her stuff and is always willing to share her knowledge.

I met some great ladies in the group and we all give each other support and help when needed. Although I’ve never met most of them in person I feel like I have made many new friends who are supportive and encouraging.

It was the greatest feeling in the world to see people buy my furniture and then have a group to share the success with.

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My daughter and I love helping to make your special event perfect. Wedding, shower, birthday you name it. We do centerpieces, favors, and can supply decorations. We also love taking old things and giving them new life.

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